CSCPS 2013

1st International Workshop on Compressive Sensing in Cyber-Physical Systems

The 1st CSCPS workshop has been successfully in Oct.14 2013, along with MASS’13.

Keynote Speech:

Title: Compressive Parameter Estimation with Manifolds in Cyber-Physical Systems

Abstract: Manifold models have attracted significant attention in compressive sensing due to their power and flexibility in capturing parametric signal models, which are common in distributed signal processing tasks, and their geometric nature, which makes them easily compatible with compressive sensing measurement schemes. This talk will overview the theoretical principles behind the application of manifold models in compressive parameter estimation and present two example settings that are common in cyber-physical systems: first, we present a compressive data fusion scheme for distributed sensing that leverages manifolds; second, we present a practical compressive measurement design scheme that eschews the baseline choice of random projections and picks a data subsampling scheme that best preserves the relevant manifold structure.

List of Papers:

1.Simultaneous Sensing Matrix and Sparsifying Dictionary Optimization for Block-sparse Compressive Sensing
Shuang Li, Qiuwei Li, Gang Li, Xiongxiong He and Liping Chang
Zhejiang University of Technology

2.A DirectWideband Direction of Arrival Estimation under Compressive Sensing
Kai Yu, Ming Yin, Ji’an Luo, Ming Bao, Yu-Hen Hu and Zhi Wang
Zhejiang University

3.Wideband DOA estimation of frequency sparse sources with one receiver
Jiawei Zhang, Ming Bao, Xiaodong Li
Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

4.Deployment and Routing Method for Fast Localization Based on RSSI in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Network
Nan Zhou, Xiaoguang Zhao, Min Tan
Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

5.Measurement-based Analysis of the Effect of Duty Cycle in IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Performance
Francois Despaux, Ye-Qiong Song, Abdelkader Lahmadi
LORIA, Universit′e de Lorraine

4th Quasimodo project meeting:

The fourth Quasimodo project meeting has been held at Zhejiang University, on October 16th, 2013. New results of the project were presented on the meeting. Attendants are Prof. Ye-qiong Song, Prof. Zhi Wang, Shuguo Zhuo, Peng Chen, Zaiyue Yang, and Xiufang Shi.